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Helping kids explore the magic of code.

LIVE Online Coding Classes for children.
Ages 8-18.

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Why Firefly Coders?

Conceived and created by a Fortune 500 software engineer and Wharton MBA, and refined through experience and the guidance of world-leading educational experts at the University of Pennsylvania, Firefly is the result of a father's desire to provide a world class  technology education for his own children. 


Here's why we are consistently rated 5 stars by our clients:

  • Live, 100% Hands-on Coding Classes.

  • World-Class Curriculum.

  • Award Winning, Experienced Teachers.

  • Singular focus on the child's happiness and engagement.

  • Ivy League researcher and Fortune 500 coder developed courses.

  • Lead Engineer Guest Speakers from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and more!

Learn more about Why Firefly is so successful at building a love of code in children!

Computer science: best learned early

Like learning a new language, learning to code is best done at an early age. Training a child's mind to instinctively recognize patterns and think logically has an enormously positive impact on their future.

Stimulates critical thinking

Coding develops critical thinking as children learn to break down complex problems into manageable parts, organize their thoughts, and apply solutions. This can propel children well ahead of their grade level.

Transferable academic skills

Coding builds transferable academic skills by nurturing creative problem solving, motivating organized thinking, reusing for efficiency, and even developing research skills.


McKinsey report predicts that 65% of all future professions will require knowledge of code - technological literacy. Learning computer science develops these skills in children, equipping them for their professional futures and propeling them ahead of their peers.



Our curriculum was designed and developed by our founder - a Fortune 500 Software Engineer and Wharton alum, and refined in collaboration with leading experts at the Penn Graduate School of Education.


Firefly's approach, learning models, and lesson plans were shaped by the rigor, professional best practices, and critical thinking applied to software development every day at companies like Google and Facebook, and combined with the academic culture which is the hallmark of elite Ivy League institutions.


This curriculum also conforms to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standard for students, as well as the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA).

"Creating and problem solving are the hallmark of computational thinking and an effective program." - Massachusetts Curriculum Framework: Digital Literacy and Computer Science.

Our curriculum also aligns with nearly every state Computer Science frameworks, meeting the requirements of the critical "Computing Systems" and "Computational Thinking" domains. 

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