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The Firefly Way

Every class at Firefly is designed to move all the children along together in a fun and engaging way, and is focused on learning, while catering to each child individually. Here's our pedagogical approach: 

  • Small Class Sizes: Firefly classes are small (4 or 5 students : 1 teacher), so each child constantly receives individual attention. This is extremely beneficial for learning. Prioritizing this allows for both maximum learning and engagement, and keeps classes focused while enabling adaptive teaching to accommodate differentiated learning styles.

  • 100% Hands-On: Students are hands-on-keyboard from the first minute of class; and not to worry - Firefly teachers always adapt to facilitate gentle introduction. Code is learned by doing: children think through problems, vocalize and implement solutions, make mistakes, diagnose the error, and fix their code. This cements their learning. 

  • Consistent Language and Problem Solving Techniques: We follow the same problem-solving process to think through and write code each time, which keeps kids engaged and on-track. And, staying focused on Python as a programming language keeps context-switching at bay, minimizes confusion, and maximizes learning.

  • Peer Supported Education: We move through each step of the project together, staying in lock-step and building our knowledge and ability together (and usually building friendships in the process!).

  • Fortune 500 Software Engineer + Ivy League Educator Developed Curriculum: Firefly's curriculum is truly extraordinary. It is two-pronged: the computational thinking, rigor, and best practices perfected over years of software development at Fortune 500 companies flows directly into our approach. And, in collaboration with leading educational experts at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, lessons are made adaptive and fun to maximize engagement, joy, and therefore learning.

  • Extraordinary Curriculum + Project-Based Learning = Amazing Outcomes: Our pedagogical approach is designed for effectiveness, and Project Based Learning is at the heart of this methodology. Children code projects from the word "Go", thinking, troubleshooting, and learning as they build their critical thinking and coding skills. As a result of this approach, the skills they build transfer across subjects, leading to elevated scores and outcomes across the board. 

  • The Flipped Learning Model: Every single Firefly class follows a "flipped classroom" model. This follows a "classwork at home, and homework in class" pattern. This has been proven to have a hugely beneficial effect in terms of student learning: numerous studies have shown children taught this way score 2.5 standard deviations higher on tests than peers taught using a traditional pedagogical approach, especially with technology education. 

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