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What is Firefly's Daily Class Schedule?

Our classes run from Monday-Friday, with the schedule below:
4:30-5:20 | Ages 8-10 | Scratch, Robotics, Python
5:30-6:20 | Ages 11-13 | Scratch, Robotics, Python, PyGame
6:30-7:20 | Ages 14+ | Robotics, Python, Roblox, Minecraft

Does my child need to have prior coding knowledge or experience?

Classes require NO prior coding experience to get started!

My child has coded before. How does that work?

If your child has prior coding experience, fantastic! We'll assess and place your child appropriately to maximize engagement and learning!

Pricing - what are your rates?

Currently, we're offering a limited promotion: $99/month for the first 30 children to sign up (use promo code FIREFLY30). After this, the promotion ends, and the rate returns to $129/month.

Why are your rates almost HALF that of your competitors?

There are several reasons for this, but here are the main ones.
  1. We are mission driven. We believe that every child deserves to learn how to code, and therefore price accordingly.
  2. WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE! Franchises have extremely high overhead. Here are just a few of their biggest costs, which they pass directly to you:
    1. Monthly franchise fees,
    2. Mandatory interior buildout,
    3. Franchise mandated proprietary coding application fees, etc.

      We have NONE of these costs, so we can deliver a world-class coding education to your child WITHOUT having you break the bank. 
  3. Firefly Coders was founded by a Fortune 500 software engineer. In industry, we learn how to use Open Source (free) code and software to build enterprise-grade applications. Firefly Coders uses the same model to reduce overhead and deliver results relevant and attractive to both academic and career perspectives. Now that's what we call a WIN-WIN!
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