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Our Offerings

In Person Coding Classes


  • Scratch

  • Python

  • Block/Python Based Robotics and Drone Coding

  • AI using Python, Robotics, and Drones

  • Roblox Game Programming

  • Minecraft Mod Programming


Stop by our location in Northborough, MA to learn how your child can create amazing things with code. We offer coding classes in multiple different languages, always ensuring your child is engaged, happy, and is enjoying the learning process.


From Scratch, to Robotics, to Drone Programming, to Python and AI, to Roblox and Minecraft, your child will not just learn how to code, but by building projects and challenging themselves, will hone their Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills while building Tenacity and Grit.


Ages 8+. 

Online Coding Classes



  • Scratch

  • Python

  • AI using Python

  • Roblox Game Programming

  • Minecraft Mod Programming


Our online coding classes maximizes convenience. First, a learning assessment is performed for your child. Once we have a strong understanding of how your child learns best with the greatest engagement, we develop a pedagogical approach to nurture that mindset.


What follows is dedicated attention to your child's needs, adapting to differentiated learning styles and working with them to deliver unparalleled outcomes. Our coding classes' results speak for themselves:

  • Nationally Recognized TSA Coding Contest Winners,

  • Multiple AP Computer Science 5.0's, and 

  • Software Internships at established technology companies.


For parents, this is the most flexible option. If something changes in your schedule, just let us know and we'll immediately work with you to reschedule the class.


Ages 10+. 

Self Guided Problem Sets

Learning From Home

Want to challenge yourself? Try our self-guided, problem based course. We collaborated with MIT engineers to build curated problems, each explaining concepts methodically while posing challenges ranging from simple 1-line solutions to complex, mind-bending MIT Computer Science and Coding Olympiad level problems.


Ages 11+.

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